Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Kirkman, Hester, Parks and Crabtree's Irredeemable Ant-man is a fantastic book that not enough folks are cheking out. I'm not just saying so because Kirkman is like a sister to me, either. I genuinely feel that way.


Benito said...

I smell fill-in.

JesseMunoz said...

that would be tits. (thats a good thing.)

Chris said...

You are such a girl.

Kelsey said...

I...I think I love you.

Not in that sweaty man love way, but in the good natured, Godly way. heh, heh.

What are you working on? I must have some!

corenthal j walker said...

Thanks, all.

Kelsey, I most recently worked on Shadowpact #s 3 and 6 at DC as well as a Shadowpact story in the DC Infinite Christmas Special. I've got a bit more in the pipe-line, but I'm not at liberty to say just what it is yet. Also, I love you too, but in the sweaty man love way.