Monday, January 15, 2007



Anonymous said...


corenthal j walker said...


Grafight said...

Yo FoolKiller, my man!
Your art rocks as usual!
I'd lost track of you after the now defunct Wizard boards.
But I started reading Invincible and recognized your style, so I asked Ryan Ottley and he gave me this url.
Im gonna look around!

JesseMunoz said...

You are probably tired of me commenting but I don't care.
You need to put out a sketch book. You could charge like $20. I'd probably buy 2. I don't know why I'd need 2. I'd love to see you draw a monthly Spider-man comic.

Chris said...

Wow, great Goon!

Super Fast said...

you draw one of the best venom's well you draw one of the best everyone, the only problem is your work is hard as hell to find. i want to pick up all your stuff but i cant ever find it. or its too late. i only got the punisher war journal, ,im disappointed i missed the irredeemable antman and now i dont know whats next, i dont wanna miss anymore of your work.