Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I apologize that the sketches have been a little weak lately.


Chrispy said...

Im pretty sure somewhere in the Bible its a sin to say such FOOLISH things as WEAK near your work, i'll check that out for you. I love the sketches man, and really with the name being "SKETCH"blog (SKATCHBLAG for the technicians) any person who comes along and EXPECTS more should be bitten in the face by a person with bad breath.
Amazing stuff, i learn alot from your simple approach man, so THANK YOU, PEACE!

Chris said...

Yes, do better, Cory. You're making God cry.

Neil Hill said...

Weak sketches? I don't think you're capable of that sir- if I may say so. Even your "weak" stuff is better than most people's great stuff.