Wednesday, February 28, 2007


We originally wanted to call Invincible's dad "Supra-man."

...but instead, we didn't.


JesseMunoz said...

I'm glad you guys went with Omni Man. And I love Invincible with a mustache.

Constant said...

I like the variation in costume design.

Chris said...

When do Viltrumites grow their 'staches anyway? I mean, he's got his powers. Shouldn't he have a badass 'stache?

husk said...

Yeah, the mustache thing is seriously underplayed. Good job

corenthal j walker said...

I'm with ya, Jesse. It all worked out for the best.

Chris, I know you got your answer elsewhere, but for anyone else that is curious...Mark is already capable of growing a mustache. He just shaves it off.

I wish I had a mustache.

Thanks, Constant and Husk.

I really appreciate the comments, all.

Neil Hill said...

I think that the costume design for a character who originally was more than just an homage' to Superman, came out looking fantastic in its own right! Also, I like that you and Robert decided to change the name to Omni-Man. I'm not sure why you choose Omni-Man specifically, but anything other than Supra-Man is best- lawsuits being what they are in today's world.