Friday, March 02, 2007


Yeah. I'm a bit under the weather, so this will have to do for today.


bellamy said...

thats cool i like it av u got msn if u av can u tell me it LOL!

Ed said...

Cory, I'm afraid of you. In turn I'm afraid to ask this question. Be gentle.

Did you use a circle template on it? You always have alot of elipse shapes in your designs and I frequently wonder how much is templated since they're really clean and un-skewed. Seeing as how most everything you do is so clean it makes it hard to tell though.

corenthal j walker said...

Bellamy, I never log onto my MSN messenger, but when you see Lee-ann on ask her for my info.

Ed, for the main outline, yes, I did use a circle template. Usually when I'm sketching, though, I don't bother. For instance, on the Robot in the previous post, you can tell that no templates were used.

On pages, or other finished pieces, when I'm pencilling I can usually manage to fake it well enough, but I use the shit out of templates in the inking stage.

But, yeah. I rarely use templates when penciling/sketching.

As always, thanks for the comments.