Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Though I had already drawn a bit of a rubbish Iron Fist for entry 48, here's another at the request of Chris.


Benito said...

a) Chris' request. >:(

b) Are we British now?

c) I get it. Iron Fist.

corenthal j walker said...

It helps to NOT request Gamora or Pip the Troll.

Nuno Plati said...

Hi Corey, i´ve just checked you had a blog, so i had to drop by.
I´m a huge fan, and i´m always looking out for your stuff.
Anyways, i also have something coming up in the near future for Image, with C.B Cebulski, and it´s great to know you also have a creator owned project in the works.
All the best for all your projects!


Drop by my blog if you have the time, at

Chris said...

Well, I very much appreciate it, Cory. It's muy cool. Since the new Iron Fist series uses other artists to depict previous Iron Fists in flashback, I would kill to see you step in for 3 or 4 pages. Or maybe I just want to see you work with Brubaker and Fraction. I don't know.

Chris said...

Iron HOOK!

jES said...

Nice. I'm a big Iron Fist fan...even when he has a hook for a hand...although I still prefer the classic threads instead of the revamped ones for the new series.

Travel said...

Chris could get his wish, If you really wanted to do a few pages for a couple issues they're going to need a new guy. I slit my wrists to escape from it around issue 2 and I've finally lost enough blood to be carted off.

Neil Hill said...

I'm not a big Iron Fist fan, but I love the sketch! I think the Capt. Hook look he's sporting works also. :)

Speaking of sketch requests, have you done a Silver Surfer yet?

Bill Nolan said...

I love the energy in some of these sketches, Cory, especially this one. Very dynamic.

I just discovered you had a blog yesterday after reading that Newsarama article. I felt like a loser for not knowing before that...

Jonboy! said...

Cory you're my hero! Love the threads--though I'm a bit partial to Fist's 70s disco suit--can't wait to see Antman!

Craig said...

The hits keep on rolling!

corenthal j walker said...

Nuno- Thanks! I checked out your blog, and I really like that Mr. Miracle you posted. Cool stuff!

Chris- Thanks for suggesting Iron Fist. I'd like to work with both Brubaker and Fraction, but I don't know how well I'd do on Iron Fist. It would be interesting to have a shot at it, though.

Jes- I actually kinda like that new costume, but I wish he still had his little slippers.

Travel- Why is that? I'm always a little stunned by the disdain you show for the field you've chosen to work in.

Neil- Thanks. I actually tried a Silver Surfer recently, but it just wasn't working. I may give it another shot in the future, though.

Bill- Thanks, sir. I'm glad you found your way here.

Jonboy!!!!- You're too much, man. Thanks!

Craig- I'm glad you approve. Thanks!

I really appreciate the comments, everyone. Thanks for looking!