Saturday, May 05, 2007


It's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Go get free comics, dummies.


Tom said...

This has been a great series of sketches. I never read this book but the character designs clearly rock.

On another note, is there a release date for the Tick 20th Anniversary Special? It sounds relly cool. Did you contribute one or two pages?

Scouse said...

Very nice pants and amazing mouth action going on with this hairy beast.

Neil Hill said...

Got my free comics, and boy were they yummy!! Seriously though, I picked up Umbrella Academy (weird little group drawn by a guy who bears a striking resemblence to 90's era Mignola) and Astonishing Wolfman. Loved both books, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Umbrella Academy- mostly because of the Pantheon City city by the great Clem Sauve!

Oh, and great sketch, Cory! :-)

corenthal j walker said...

Tom- Thanks. I haven't read all of the seires, but I did read quite a few of the issues when they were coming out all those years ago. I'm working on remedying that at the moment.

This week's theme was actually brought on by a piece I was commissioned to do of U-Go Girl, and while looking up reference, I just got the urge to draw more of the characters and thought it'd be good for a week's worth of sketchin'.

I'm not sure exactly when the Tick Special is in stores, but unless I'm mistaken, it SHOULD be sometime this month. Benito and I did a one page story.

scouse- Thank you!

Neil- Gabriel Ba, who illustrated that Umbrella Academy book DOES have a bit of Mignola in his work. If you like that, you should DEFINITELY pick up Cassanova which he also illustrated, written by Matt Fraction. I believe there's a hardcover collection coming out from Image Comics this month. I bought the singles, but I've still gotta have that HC. I love that book.


Neil Hill said...

"If you like that, you should DEFINITELY pick up Cassanova which he also illustrated, written by Matt Fraction."

I will definitely keep an eye out for it, Cory, and thanks for pointing it out to me! I'm always looking for new, 'good' Mignola influenced artists!

Jason said...

"amazing mouth action going on with this hairy beast"

I said the same exact thing once while watching an adult film from the 1970's.