Saturday, May 19, 2007


I'm really looking forward to Joe Casey and Eric Canete's upcoming Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin mini-series. Look here (about two-thirds of the way down) for a sneak peek. I love that cover. Canete is awesome.


Anonymous said...

You're officially my favorite person of the week. Best scatch yet, man.

Mike Wieringo said...

I love Eric's work, too... especially the new cartoonier, exaggerated stuff he's doing these days.....

I love YOUR work, too, Corey.... you're the bee's knees.

Neil Hill said...

Canete's work is incredibly kinetic and fun to look at, I completely agree Cory. BTW, I owe you a huge thank you for turning me onto Gabriel's work in Casanova! I'm not sure what it is about Gabriel's stuff, but it just really works. Like this strange combination of Eduardo Risso and Mignola, a bit heavier on the Mignola side though. Anyway, thanks!

Oh, and cool 'giving the finga' sketch sir!

Kingsley said...

Nice Cory. Your recent sketches have been cool.

Tom said...

Great sketch!

I just discovered Eric's work a few days ago when I saw the same preview you linked to. He really is great!

Anonymous said...

Great Scatch Cory.

Question...when will you draw Corenthal & Shitown?

Mike Capprotti said...

Yea, I'm definitely looking forward to that "Enter the Mandarin". I was drooling over it on newsarama the other day! Looks sick. Speaking of Mandarin, loving that wolvie in your last post. Your "Team Up" was one of my favorite books of wolvie art of all time. And I'm a wovie freak. Keep it up man!

Chris said...

Canete IS awesome. Thanks for telling me about him, lo those many moons ago.

Iron Man needs some good stories.

corenthal j walker said...

anonymous- AM I? Or is it NATE who is your favorite person of the week? I see all.

Mike Wieringo- I LOVE the "new" Canete. As much of a fan as I was before, the new stuff has so much energy to it. I can't get enough. Thank you sir, likewise.

Neil- I'm glad you dig it! I bought the singles of Cassanova, and I'm STILL planning on picking up the HC tomorrow. It's great stuff.

Kingsley- You're cool.

Tom- Welcome to the party, pal! You need to look up some of Canete's back catalogue, there's some great stuff to be seen.

Anonymous(alizzard?)- I will draw Corenthal and Shittown next time I've had too much to drink.

Mike Capprotti- You're very kind to say so. It means a lot.

Chris- You are welcome.

As always, thanks for the comments, everyone. You're good apples, the lot of ya.

Anonymous said...

Mom! Dad! Don't make me choose!

Anonymous said...

Yes!! You've made my dreams come true.

-alizzard (is too lazy to log in sometimes)