Sunday, May 20, 2007


New header for the blog.


JesseMunoz said...


Anonymous said...

Though I'll be sad to see the old one go, I do like this one.

husk said...

It's nice but you should resize that thing to the width of the template header, add some canvas width or somethin' (660px by 150px). Keep up the good work

Neil Hill said...

You can't use it unless 'Baby Huey' here has pissed himself. Actually, I prefer the duck who's sitting on the ground with a puddle of pee surrounding him. And sheesh, have him at least somewhat smiling dude, otherwise he just looks too depressed, and this is a happy site to come to, so that just doesn't compute! ;-p

mark englert said...

So... when do we get t-shirts?

John said...

Needs more puddle.

corenthal j walker said...

Jesse- Thanks...I think?

Anonymous- Every once in a while you've got to rearrange the furniture, y'know?

Husk- I added the width, but no matter what I do, it wants to keep space at the bottom. Thanks, though.

Neil- Look at the header itself, he's standing in a massive puddle of his own urine. You've got issues, my friend. Also, what's to be happy about when you're always pissing yourself? You're crazy.

Mark- SDCC 08!

John- See header. Big puddle.

Thanks, everyone.