Monday, May 28, 2007



Jason said...

Just call me Mr. Excitement after seeing this sketch! lol

Seriously...I crapped my pants.

Screw Jeff Owens said...

Two days, Cory!

screw screw jeff owens said...

Cool Hawkeye!
Think he had a H on his head though?

Mike Wieringo said...

IS that Hawkeye.... or your own character, Cory...?

Awesome sketch, either way.

Neil Hill said...

Very cool! Is this guy like a Shazam cast-off or something? He doesn't look familiar.

Anonymous said...

thats the guy at the end of madman # 2 right ?
Is that one of Jay Stephens characters from atomic city tales ?


Anonymous said...

Maybe next you'll draw Madman?? Or It Girl? Or even Joe. You need more ladies up in here.

Chris said...

Who is him? Hims looks like Hawkeye but... not.

corenthal j walker said...

Golly! You guys are outing yourselves as non-Madman readers. I forgive you, though, since I've only really read the new Image series, but this fella, Mr. Excitement for those who didn't pick up on that, appeared at the end of issue 2 of this new series.

Jason- I WILL call you that.

Jeff Owens- Fer RREALZ!

(fake?) Jeff Owens- Omigosh, I totally drew it wrong! "Not like this!"

Mike Wieringo- AH! Et tu Wieringo? Thanks!

Neil- Neil! You're letting me down, man. (thanks)

Aaron- You got second place in the who-the-hell-is-that contest!

Alizzard- I know, right? I totally drew Galatea because of you.

Chris- There's a reason for that. Hugs.