Thursday, May 31, 2007



tomsaville said...

My favorite one yet! Are you going to sketch out all the Toxic Avengers crew?

(say yes)

Anonymous said...

Stop romancing my husband Cory...or else.

Rian said...


j_ay said...

Heh. Toxie.

Jason said...

Toxic Shock!

This is beyond awesome.

Chris said...

It's your finest self-portrait yet.

Neil Hill said...

Now that's completely tres' cool! Nice job for a Friday, Cory. Nice job indeed.

Tom said...

That's awesome.

Please publish a sketchbook!

blah said...


Please do Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD!

corenthal j walker said...

tomsaville- Probably not. I'm glad you like this one though, thanks!

Alizzard- Get outta your dreams and into your car.

Rian- Yep.

j_ay- He's gross, but he still gets girls.

jason- Stop it. Your wife thinks I'm romancing you.

Chris- I know, right? I bought a mirror to hang up in front of my drawing table, partly to reference expressions, but mostly because I'm vain. It's already working wonders, though, I agree.

Neil- Thank you, sir.

Tom- Thanks, I'm considering it.

Blah- Thank you. I wouldn't hold my breath, but you never know.

Ed said...

i actually watched toxic avenger again today, this is the best bookend to a toxie themed day.