Sunday, June 24, 2007



Chris said...

Nice job. GL has a pretty good costume design, I've always thought.

Tom said...

Very slick, I'm diggin' it.

So when are we going to see some new comics from you!? I need a fix.

Anonymous said...

Very Mignola, sir. His influence on you shows, even to this day.


Screw Jeff Owens said...

Hal! I don't know why, but I really like the hair.

zach said...

This is by far my favorite scatch yet. Well done, sir.

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

Just what I was gonna say, screw, the hair looks perfect, that little line in it gives it the texture it needs.

Anonymous said...

Trying to make J grab his crotch are you?

This is a rad scatch, Cory!!

Tim Fischer said...

I think that Cory is the love child of Mike Mignola and Howard Chaykin.

cory j walker said...

Chris- Thanks, I agree. It's nice and iconic but makes a great uniform as well.

Tom- Thank you. Benito Cereno and I had a page in last week's Tick 20th Anniversary Special. It would be premature to announce anything else at this point. You swell folks will be the first to know when the time comes, though.

'Pants- I'm about to show my influence on your FACE. Jerk.

Jeff- Well, whatever the reason is, I'm glad you do.

Zach- Thank you, sir.

Guillermo- Thanks, I've been trying to add more dimension to hair these days. It's nice to know that it's working out.

Alyssa- Always. Thanks.

Tim- That's a nice thing to say, but I don't know if Mignola and Chaykin would appreciate you letting that particular cat out of the bag. ;)