Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I've replied to some comments. Sorry I've been so bad about that, I'll try to reply more promptly in the future.


Tom said...

Awesome, love the angle.

JesseMunoz said...

I love your allen. when are you doing your fill in runon Invincible? What issues they gonna be?! Can't wait!

Screw Jeff Owens said...

Man, that perspective is gorgeous. And now worries about commenting. It's a wonder you have the time to do it at all!

j_ay said...

Allen! Niiiiiice.
And like Mister Screw said, don’t worry about the comments, as long as we get our daily scatch and have visions of you working on some pages that we’ll eventually see, we’re pretty darn pleased.

Chris said...

FanTAStic. You are so great about capturing a sense of movement and fluidity in your poses. I guess all those animation classes paid off.

andy kuhn said...


you're great!
hurry up, i'm waiting for a reply!


Ryan Cody said...

Like Andy said, great stuff Cory.

cory j walker said...

Tom- Thanks.

Jesse- I don't know when or what issue numbers they'll be specifically, I just know that they'll come after issue 50.

Jeff- Thank you. I was surprised it turned out as well as it did.

j_ay- Yes! Thank you.

Chris- Well thank you. I try.

Andy- YOU'RE great. This a reply. Have it.

Ryan- Thank you, sir!

Neil Hill said...

Damn, I love Allen the Alien a whole heckuva lot! Great job on this rendering, Cory!

cory j walker said...

Thanks, Neil.