Wednesday, July 04, 2007




Mat said...

good call on the switcheroo. the last one was good but this one's even better!

arnie said...

i like i love the simplicity of your drawings. just the what's needed to get the point across, done well.
i 've seen your work evolve over the years so i'm rather jazzed to find you again, and just say wzup!


Mike Thompson said...

Cory, the line work is excellent and clean, just the way I like it. I appreciate the dedication in doing these sketches. They are all very well done. I especially like the hips on Power Girl in this one. Very realistic pose and figure.

Neil Hill said...

I've always seen Powergirl as somewhat of an anamoly in comics. She's a blatant parody of the big breasts craze that all fan boys seem to have where heroines are concerned, but she's also a strong (literally and figuratively) character with a good bit of character development throughout her history. Swell job, Cory!

Axel said...

loverly as usual my friend....but why no cape?

cory j walker said...

Mat- Thanks, I looked at the first one after I posted it and felt that I could do better.
I was hoping no one had seen it and wouldn't notice. Oh, well.

Arnie- Thanks you, I try. I'm glad you found your way to the blog.

Mike- I don't know that I would enjoy this blog as much if you lot weren't posting comments and letting me know that someone is looking. It's a lot more satisfying that way, so thank YOU. All of you.

Neil- Thanks, sir. I'm pickin' up what you're putting down.

Axel- Because, silly goose, it's NOT Power Girl. This is Galatea, the Supergirl clone from Justice League Unlimited. Though her powers are similar, and her costume is a bit of a nod to Power Girl, they're not the same character.

Thanks again to everyone for looking.