Thursday, July 05, 2007



Mike Thompson said...

Nice!!!!!!! I've always had a fondness for Rick Leonardi's Spidey 2099 costume design.

Ed said...

this is totally compelling.

JesseMunoz said...

spidey 2099 is such a kickass costume. nice work.

Anonymous said...

Can we see some "chibi" or cartoonish versions of some of these characters?

I love those little cartoon people of yours.

Screw Jeff Owens said...

Not that the whole sketch isn't, but that webbing is especially gorgeous.

Well done, chap!

j_ay said...

Well, that costume is at least better than the new ‘iron spidey’ suit…nice scetch.

And in the interest of not doing too much work today I touched-up your Wikipedia entry today. Added a bibliography (based on just what I know of – feel free to help out!) and a link to an interview and this here scatchblag

Have a swell weekend

andy kuhn said...

lookin' mighty sweet, corey. are you going to san diego? if so i'll see you there! stay badass!!!

mark englert said...

my favorite one yet

Tom said...

Sick scatch! I always loved the look of Spidey 2099 when I was a kid, never really read the comics though. Great rendition!

Mike Wieringo said...

That absolutely KILLS.

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

Nice one, awesome, I always thought it was a hard costume to draw, but you make it perfect.

Neil Hill said...


Chris said...

Superb. One of my absolute favorites from you.

cory j walker said...

Mike- You and me both! Thanks.

Ed- Thanks. I was inspired by an Exiles cover that Tomm Coker did featuring Spidey 2099.

Jesse- Agreed. Thanks.

Anonymous- You're thinking of someone that's not me.

Jeff- Thanks. The webbing was the bit I was iffy on, so I'm glad it went over well with you.

j_ay- I can't argue with that. Thank you.
Thanks for Wikipedia updating as well. I need to get my full checklist(which admittedly, isn't much) up on there.

Andy- I DEFINITELY am going to San Diego. I will DEFINITELY see you there, buddy.

Mark- Wha...uh, what? Where's the wisecrack that makes me want to cry? I rely on you for these things, Mr. Englert.

Tom- Where I grew up, there was no comic shop, so I was kind of at the mercy of the convenience stores and whatever books they wanted to order, and unfortunately, Spider-man 2099 wasn't something they would order. So, I'm right there with you. I know next to nothing about the character, but there's no denying that Leonardi did a hell of a job creating a striking costume.

Mike- Thank you, sir.

Guillermo- Thanks. I thought the same thing, but once you really look at it, there's not a whole lot to it. Not that I did a stellar job, but it wasn't as tricky as I had anticipated.

Neil- T-H-A-N-K-S!!

Chris- Thanks, that means a lot.