Friday, August 10, 2007



matt! said...

aaron eckhart or tommy lee jones?

Chris said...

A theme of Batman's Rogues Gallery (or Spidey's) would be VERY cool.

Chris said...

Cory, you're doing PWJ?!! THAT'S GREAT!

Axel said...

Lovely two face and an even lovlier version of Kraven the Hunter in that NewsaRama article :)

John said...

Yeah, congrats on the PWJ issues! I'll definitely be picking them up.

Screw Jeff Owens said...

Man, you draw one of the best Two-Faces I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cory!
I see that your PWJ on Newsarama and looks great.Especially the Rhino page, with the van junping and the Rhino making a hole in the ground... Good work, Cory! Keep on.

husk said...

Nice suit!

Neil Hill said...

Lovely, simply lovely!

cory j walker said...

Matt- Neither. It's loosely based on the "new look" fourth season of the Batman animated series.

Chris- Sorry, fella. Good ol' Harvey is just poppin' in for entry #222.

Yes I am! Thanks, man. I hope that you will like it.

Axel- Aw, thanks.

John- Thank you. I'll try not to let you down.

Jeff- You should look at some stuff by a guy named Timm. I hear his Two-face is pretty sweet. Thanks, though, g.

Oysterboy- Hey, thanks!

Husk- I tried, anyway. Thanks.

Neil- You're too kind, my friend.