Wednesday, September 19, 2007



j_ay said...

First! (that’s the, um, first and last time I *ever* do something like that, it’s something that’s always baffled me...)

Ah, the mysterious Black Ghost.
Looking forward to whatever you’re gonna do with this guy.

Anonymous said...

The Black Ghost! Spooky!
Hey Cory, how did you do that "fade" in the background? Is that some sort of dry-brush technique?

-Fred S.

Neil Hill said...

Ohhh, another moody one. Love it! Nice balance of thin lines on the costume and lush chunks of blank delineating the shadows on the face. Very well done mon frere!

Tom said...

I'm not familiar with the character but this is a really strong, mysterious drawing. It has a great supernatural feeling. Excellent work!

vynsane said...

had to one-up nate, huh? i guess you're entitled, he's your character...

really looking forward to whatever you have planned for this guy!

Axel said...

out-bloody-standing Cory, I'm really enjoying your shadows and the experiment you seem to be doing recently.

Anonymous said...

Invincible # 45 pin-up, next to the letter column.

cory j walker said...

j_ay- Thanks, man. It's something I'm really looking forward to. I hope I can get to it sooner rather than later.

Fred- Actually, it's just black china marker. It's not as good as doing dry brush, but you can get a similar effect.

Neil- Thank you sir!

Tom- It's okay, there's no reason you should be familiar with the character, because the only time he's appeared in anything was in a pin-up in Invincible #45. Thanks!

Vynsane- Not at all, and that was never my intention. I've been sitting on this character for half a year now, and he just finally saw print and after Nate drew him for his blog, I realized I could finally do the same.
Thanks, I hope folks will dig it when it finally happens.

Axel- Thanks, man. It's been fun.

Anonymous- That's the one.