Monday, October 08, 2007



Nate Bellegarde said...

Heh! Neat!

edward said...

NIce pose!

When you scan your inked drawings to be colored, do you scan it as a bitmap or as a grayscale? i'm trying work out coloring issues...


j_ay said...

Someone’s about to get cut!

And let the Black Ghost mania begin:

(Cory, if you hate it let me know and I’ll tear it down, I was just wasting some, um, worktime this morning...)

Screw Jeff Owens said...

This has a sort of Chris Sprouse feel, and I love me some Chris Sprouse!

Chris said...

What a faggo! I wanna fight him!

Neil Hill said...

Love the character design and attitudinal pose.

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

He's like a Pirate, Crook, Knife, Dagger guy. Similar yet, so diffrent...hmm

Matty said...

Shorts and long sleeves. What a goof.

cory j walker said...

Thanks, guys.

This is The Kraken from The Umbrella Academy. You can read one of his adventures at, just scroll down, and select The Umbrella Academy story from the first issue directory.

nate- YOU are.

edward- I scan in grayscale. After some adjustments to the brightness/contrast and to the threshold, I convert to bitmap.

j_ay- That's fine, I don't mind at all. Thank you.

jeff- Thank you sir.

Chris- He would stab you, chris.

Neil- As much as I wish I had designed this character, that honor goes to Gabriel Ba. I actually did the sketch before I read the little DHP story on myspace, and did it wrong by giving him two eyes. I'm a fool. I really dig this guy's look, though.

dan-van-cool- Exactly. I think.

Matty- He's got leg sleeves on under those shorts. Who's the goof NOW?

Thanks for looking, everyone.

edward said...

goddamnit- that makes SO MUCH SENSE! thank you!

j_ay said...

Glad you didn’t mind. But I think they’re going to delete it (not enough info). I’ll get it back up once you do with him whatever you’re going to do. Looking forward to it!

In the meantime I’ve updated your page with Spidey Unlimited, that was a *great* surprise when I got a package of some older comics yesterday (catching up on some older Kirkman, etc) and found you were in there too!