Friday, November 16, 2007


Five birds with one stone.


Wild & Uncouth said...

W-w-which...o-one... is it?! It's driving me MAD!
"Get over here???"

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

Nice one. is it inked?

Anonymous said...






(Can't be Noob Saibot because he's not solid black, and Smoke won't stop smoking.)


Jorge Correa Jr said...

Hello Cory,
I like a lot your work and only now found your blog! I am of Brazil, and also do comics! I already worked for publisher Avatar in Stargate SG1 and for publisher Top Cow in Freshmen II #5 and #6!
Congratulations for the work!!!!
Jorge Correa Jr

Chris said...

Oh you.

Anonymous said...

This suit is very remniscent to scorpion but im wonderin why he didnt make the his rope spear.

Fredrik Sibe said...

There is a character named Ermac? I can imagine the development meeting...

-"Okay, we have Sub-Zero, Reptile and Scorpion. What do we name the next one?"
-" Mac?"
-"Brilliant, Phil! You've done it again!"

arnie said...

get over here! that'd be my guess

peace out

Nate Bellegarde said...

You know, you would think so, right? But anyone who pays a LICK of attention KNOWS that they all have variations in their masks, arm and shin guards.


Neil Hill said...

Gotta love Street Fighter characters!