Wednesday, December 12, 2007



Tom said...

Nice, loved the Chabon novel, never read the comics. This looks great.

Bummed to see you weren't on Punisher WJ this week. Can we expect to see your stuff next month?

Chris said...

Wow, this is strong! Is that inked? Awesome!

Wild & Uncouth said...

Oh GOD, yes. I actually clicked to comment before the image finished loading because I was so stoked.
Loved this book.
Loved "The Amzaing Tales of the Escapist."
Really enjoyed "the Escapists."
Nice to see him around.
You rule, Mr. Walker.

Anonymous said...

The recent Escapist comic series was incredibly cool, and this sketch is more than worthy of that series, Cory! Great work!

Axel said...

outstanding work, and a great book :)