Saturday, October 18, 2008


Get ready for Cocktoberfest


Pete said...

I love me some cock!
What are you and Nate up to?

Ed said...

aw shieeet.

j_ay said...

But try not to get any on me.

Aitor said...

Here's a really impressive designs. Congratulations on your great job.

(Sorry if my English is not very good, I am writing from Spain)

David said...

I scanned in the sketch you made me at Baltimore Comic Con!

I was the perverted green lantern dude :P

check out my blog too let me know what you think! :)


Anonymous said...

It's always SOME kinda cock-fest with you, innit?


EL GRANDE said...

Cool blog. Great image!

Joe y Elio

Anonymous said...

Wow haven't seen this since you were doing the Draw-one-a-day sketches. Good to see you're still irregularly updating it.

Oh, and I think I commented a bit on the sketchies, I know I checked them almost everyday. If I can be part of your Friends section, that would be cool.

oriol said...

I like your drawing. Simplicity.