Thursday, December 11, 2008


Fear not, childrern, Cocktoberfest looms on the horizon. Newt and I just wanted you all to have plenty of time to prepare yourselves.

In the meantime:

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tonydonley said...

Cory. I was going back and forth with ryan ottley about laying out a perspective grid when your vanishing points are way off the page. he said it was hard to explain but that you had learned it from one of your animation classes and shown it to him. i was hoping you could pass on the knowledge . My attempts with the info Ryan gave me failed. thanks man.

Craig Zablo said...

Welcome back! We missed ya. The posted art kind of reminds me of Steranko's work on Outland. It has the same vibe... and that's a very good thing!

Jeff said...

If I could draw even half as awesome as you, I would never getting anything done on accounta drawin' so many nekkid girls.

Jesse Hamm said...

Cory -- Great to see more art here! Keep 'em comin'.

Tony -- FYI, here's a post I did once on that very subject:

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

Ah man, that is just what I wanted to achieve a few times but I've been never able to do it that good, the panel is really great.

Tom said...

Awesome to see a new post and with such a great drawing!

How's everything going on Destroyer? Any idea when the first issue may hit?

DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Wicked job drawing all that gear.
Take Care man.

Ransoms My Middle Name said...

This looks really cool, I'm loving it! You making the trip up for NYCC?

tony donley said...

Thanks alot Jesse, I'll check it out now.

keison said...


Peter Alger said...

Is this from Destroyer?

cory j walker said...

Thanks for looking, folks. I am a shit and haven't updated this thing much this year, hopefully things will be different in 2009.

Tony- Sorry I didn't help you out there, but I'm glad someone did.

Craig- Thank you, that's quite a compliment.

Jeff- You're a sweetheart. It's a good thing you draw like a third grader j/k lol

Jesse- Thanks. Also thanks for stepping up and helping Tony out there.

Tom- Destroyer is going well and will finally come out in April, unless I'm mistaken.

Dan- Thanks, playa. You too.

Ransom- I would've liked to make it, but it's not looking like I'll be attending NYCC this year, maybe next time.

Peter- It IS!