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I got a Pentel brush pen that I've been scribbling on my scripts with so I decided maybe I'd scribble with it in my sketchbook instead. The above sketch is the result of that (as was yesterday's post). Unlike the script sketches, this one had a quick pencil underdrawing. Below is an example of what I've been doodling on the scripts instead of drawing from them. :(

Eh, it's something different, right?

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Yeah, I know.

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Panty Week revisited.

The(?) Destroyer

Solicitation info for Destroyer #2 was released yesterday! Peep that cover, yo.

DESTROYER #2 (of 5)
Pencils by CORY WALKER
The clock is ticking, Destroyer's time on this Earth is coming to an end -- so his one-man mission to murder all his villains kicks into high-gear this issue. It's all-out, non-stop mayhem in that time-tested Destroyer fashion. Don't waste a bag and board -- this comic comes drenched in blood!
32 PGS./Explicit Content ...$3.99

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He's thinking about panties. Honest.

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Panties week it is. Gonna be a tricky one tomorrow.

(Rico, I didn't even notice the more subtle theme that I had going that you pointed out in the comments of the previous post. Now it's ruined, but somehow, I'm not sure you'd be all that disappointed)

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Sorry, didn't get a chance to scan this earlier.

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I also want to bring to your attention the fact that Nate has been updating his blog daily-like. He desperately needs your love, so throw some his way.

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Just jail house Nolan Grayson today.

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