Saturday, February 07, 2009




Peter Alger said...

What are you and Nate up to?

Anonymous said...

yay! badly drawn invincible!

CHA said...

Hi Cory... Mr. Walker,
Here a bunch of kids mad about comics from Barcelona, Spain.
We have a competition-blog (, each month featuring a character to draw. We want to invite you to make a guest appareance in this month's running, feat. Poisin Ivy, so... if you could post one of your daily sketches for us, we would be very... veeeeery honored.
Thank you, sincerely admiring you since 2007,

Evan said...

I love the way you're drawing faces recently, there's this new line you're using for the 3/4 view that just flows so well! I don't know where you picked it up, but KEEP IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I can't get enough of your work on Invincible! - constant