Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boris Grishenko Is

Robert Kirkman and I talked with CBR about my two-issue return to Invincible here.

In the interview I scream out "Spider-man Loves Mary Jane" when talking about books I've worked on. I corrected myself, because I MEANT Web of Romance which I did with Tom Beland, but I'm a dipshit and said the wrong thing and the correction didn't make it to print, so I just wanted to clear that whole thing up. That was a run-on sentence. It's kind of understandable, right? I mean, it's not like I yelled out DARK WOLVERINE when I meant Web of Romance. Anyone could make that mistake, right? Sigh.


p.s. The above image is my cover for the Invincible Scriptbook, and has nothing to do with my two issues, fyi.

EDIT: The article has been edited. Saved myself the embarrassment of anyone ever finding out! Phew! DARK WOODGOD


rico said...

You got very little time in that interview AND they left stuff out?! Aw man!

That cover is spectacular and the 1st issue of Destroyer was close to perfect.

Benito said...


I will pitch Dark Woodgod with you. Call your editor.

st3ady said...

it would be sweet to see Dark Wolverine team up with Dark Ryu and unleash some snikt-bubs and hadookens on some unsuspecting villain bitches

more superpatriot please

oh and i picked up the last copy of Destroyer #1 at my local comic shop and when I got home I opened it up and some asshat put their chewed gum in it... god hates me

Kev said...


Tom Beland said...

Cory, Cory, Cory... et tu..?

When the hellizbah iz we working together again?? I don't care WHAT you call that book, it was awesome.

Me still luv you long time.

Evan said...

I have an artist crush on you Cory! Take that as you will, creeped out, or honored, I'll let you be the judge of that.

easyt63 said...

Awesome work Cory, any chance you can get back to the PM i sent you over on the image boards. Anyways, love your stuff, big fan.


Anonymous said...