Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great Expectations

It's been a while since I've actually posted some art on here that's not part of a colored and lettered preview of an issue, or of a cover that I didn't even draw, so here's a little peek at things to come.

Love that Brick. He's awesome.

Thanks for looking.


Tom said...

Sweet. Destroyer has been totally awesome, can't wait for more.

Paul Harmon said...

this book looks awesome man!

Craig Zablo said...

You're still alive... and creating awesome new art!!

BROCASSO said...

I'm glad there's Finally a surplus of your new work on the shelves.
the destroyer has been amazing the character depiction, design and the story just kick all kinds of ass!!!

Big up!

tonci said...

one of the few books out there actually worth reading!

that bit looks so cleanly inked, too, you must have terminator hands =)

Jason Latour said...

Brick is the shit.