Wednesday, September 23, 2009

INVINCIBLE 66 (pic not related)

SO, today saw the release of my first issue of Invincible in 6 years. Pretty wild, right? You can see a nine page preview(yikes, that's almost half the book!) here.

Handling coloring duties is none other than Dave McCaig, a personal favorite of mine, and he'll be back for issue 67 as well. I actually got the final colors for #67 the other day, and they're amazing. Dave outdid himself, as hard as that is to believe after seeing issue #66, but seriously, he's awesome.

With these two issues of Invincible and the five-issue Destroyer mini before them, I will have new work in stores for 7 consecutive months, which, as sad as it is, has NEVER happened before. I don't even know what my previous record was. Two?

I'm back to work on creator-owned properties for now, some familiar and some all-new. I'll try to be better about updating this blog and keeping youse guys in the know. I may even drop in some sneak peeks here and there.

Love you.