Wednesday, September 23, 2009

INVINCIBLE 66 (pic not related)

SO, today saw the release of my first issue of Invincible in 6 years. Pretty wild, right? You can see a nine page preview(yikes, that's almost half the book!) here.

Handling coloring duties is none other than Dave McCaig, a personal favorite of mine, and he'll be back for issue 67 as well. I actually got the final colors for #67 the other day, and they're amazing. Dave outdid himself, as hard as that is to believe after seeing issue #66, but seriously, he's awesome.

With these two issues of Invincible and the five-issue Destroyer mini before them, I will have new work in stores for 7 consecutive months, which, as sad as it is, has NEVER happened before. I don't even know what my previous record was. Two?

I'm back to work on creator-owned properties for now, some familiar and some all-new. I'll try to be better about updating this blog and keeping youse guys in the know. I may even drop in some sneak peeks here and there.

Love you.



Rian said...

I just read Invincible #66 and am so glad to see you working on the book again. Your art felt right at home. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

Eddy said...

Hey, the Invincible issue was fun and I really liked Destroyer too! 7 issues a year is great, consecutive or otherwise!

My favorite parts of #66 were the double-page spread with all the dead Viltrumites and the expression on Telia's face when she's holding that gun after shooting Nolan's clothes off.

Oh, the expression on the leftover kanzlok floating away in space was funny too.

Onto #67!


J.A.Ramirez said...

Invencible, Destroyer...WOW!!!!

Saludos desde españa.

j_ay said...

Looking forward to this.
Destroyer was all kindsa cool!
(liked the Heatvision appearance at the end too)

Keep up it, man!

travel foreman said...

i could watch you draw titties all day

david gagnon's art show said...

i picked up invicible yesterday and i have to say great job !
destroyer was great , and i can believe you following up that work so quickly . its a real treat .
what kind of hours do you put into a comic page? does it break down as a page a day type of thing , or is it less structured .
just curious - DG

Tom said...

I loved Invincible 66, great work Cory! Story and art were both super enjoyable, I can't wait for the next issue. I am also, as always, excited to see what you've got coming out next.

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

May this be just the start of new personal records of this kind. We want to see a new Cory Walker comic book each month in our stores..:P
We are merciless, yes.

flaviano said...

with all the respect for ryan ottley, your invincible pages are superkickass!