Thursday, October 08, 2009

Baltimore 2

Hay, y'all.

Just a quick update before I head up to Baltimore in the morning. I will be selling pages from Destroyer this weekend. Just wanted to let you know. Buy, buy, buy!

See you there.


Rondell said...

Are you gonna be sell them back copies of Titty Squeeze? My cousin Chakran want a few copies if you got some.

kent said...

hi cory
i am a huge fan of your work and love your art.
i live in south africa. is there anyway that i could buy a few pages from you as i dont see myself getting to the states anytime soon

thanks kent

geekboypress said...

Hey man, cool seein ya in baltimore! Lookin' forward to my Starman sketch. Here's my e-mail when you wanna update me:

geekboypress @ yahoo . com

Thanks again!


Rob Reilly is a said...

Hey Cory,

Good to meet ya. Lookin' forward to the Destoryer kicking some bad guy's ass sketch. Email me to keep me updated. Thanks!


Rey said...

NEEED DESTROYER PAGES!!!! On the left coast. ANy other way I could get some?!?!