Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Thanks for your continued interest in this blog, everyone. Sorry I've been neglecting to reply and update the s.a.d. blog links, but as soon as I can take the time to do so, I will.

Every now and again, I forget that I have Nextwave original art featuring the Captain, and when I remember, I get excited and look at it. I love the Captain and his stupid monkey face so hard.


Jeff Owens said...

Nextwave has gotta my favorite not-so-serious comic of all time.

'Lil Ric said...

I was just trying to explain the part of Nextwave with Fin Fang Foom to somebody. "He's got no nuts. That's why he's so mad all the time."

Great sketch. It's been awhile, did they ever give the Captain a name beyond that? He's got the best origin story ever.

j_ay said...

Too cool. Immonen rocks.

I have the orignal page of Dirk hanging himself.

Wild and Uncouth said...
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jason said...

sup, mang? long time no see. hows this BLOG=space treating you?