Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, my computer shit the bed again, so I finally set up the computer I bought last March to replace it. Problem is, for some fucking reason I got the 64-bit Windows Vista on this piece of trash and there's not a compatible driver for my mustek scanner. SO, I'm gonna post photos from the ol' future phone until I can work something out.

Edit: Problem solved. Photo replaced with proper scan.


kendallgoode said...

I love the new Omni-boy.

That sucks about the scanner. I just upgraded to windows 7 and was having a similar scanner problem.

Aoste said...

Vuescan software claims it can replace the need for updating old drivers. it didnt work for me but my old scanner didnt even have xp drivers....theres a free trial which should let you see if it works... the invincible stuff here, and loved your work on the destryer

Iananan said...

new omni-boy is awesome, and i got around the scanner driver problem by using an XP virtual machine in windows 7, it's a little awkward, but vuescan is rubbish, it's massive, bloated and doesn't integrate with anything (so no scan straight into photoshop for cleanup)

also expensive.

Shaun said...

if it's the scanexpress a3 usb that everybody has got, you should be able to find the driver here

i had the same problem when i got my new set up. if this doesn't help, then best of luck i guess

cory j walker said...

Thanks, guys.

Shaun, I could kiss you. I thought I had looked the entire internet over, but apparently I was wrong. I was on a mustek site that only had a driver for the 32-bit Vista, so I figured I was defeated. Thanks a ton.

Shaun said...

no worries dude. save your kisses for the girls, draw me a picture instead;)

aoste said...

Thanks from me too Shaun, i found my correct drivers there too...i wont kiss you, i dont think you'd enjoy it ;)

Victor B said...

Hey guys fellow Corey fan here, hate to have to ask but I'm a fellow mustek user , I had to take my vista64 back to factory and lost this driver any chance someone can send it to me?
victorbonillacomics at

I used your link last time and have since scoured the internet but found nothing.