Friday, March 26, 2010


Had some ideas to make this more like the Supergirl it was meant to go with, but I'm not convinced it was of any benefit.


Nicolas said...

if we're gonna get Supergirl Wednesdays & Batgirl Thursdays, I vote for Destroyer Sundays! The REAL Destroyer: Kevin "Keene" Marlow!

Especially since Marvel just went and made him officially Brian Falsworth (and later Roger Aubrey by default) with "The Marvels Project" #7 :(

cory j walker said...

Nicolas, there will never be another Batgirl Thursday. Some day I may do a Destroyer sketch, though.

That's pretty disappointing about that Brian Falsworth nonsense. I had no idea.

Avi Bastermagian said...

I like the first one, although the three arm stripes / two bat spikes works better on the second design.