Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Destroyer tpb is out tomorrow (5.19.10), so I figgered I'd do this type of thing.


Frans Boukas said...

Anyone who didn't pick up the HC of Destroyer is a bozo!

Btw, any plans to put out a sketch book? I would love to have a book filled with your s.a.d. stuff. Also I hope your considering coming back to the Baltimore convention.

zack soto said...

I was kind of bummed out that the HC didn't have any sketches or additional material, as the series was one of my favorite big-2 comics of the last few years. Love these sketches, and I'd love to see more DESTROYER-verse stuff!

Neil said...

I'd like to 3rd the lament about no sketchbook. Maybe you could post some of those sketches here, Cory. Might help eat up a few days worth of posts, if nothing else.