Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This big fat box of shit was almost a giant werewolf, because I thought the giant-monster-attacking-the-city thing was ridiculous, so I was just going to push it all the way into absurdity.

Some wise fella told me that it only had to be as ridiculous as I wanted it to be, so I made it a fat-titted turd instead. Guys. That was my attempt to make it less ridiculous I am not even joking. Though a werewolf would've been wicked silly, my comedy turd monster didn't exactly help things.



Neil said...

I think the design wasn't necessarily the 'thing' for this guy, as he was merely meant to provide some larger than life obstacle for Destroyer to well...destroy. That being said, I think the giant werewolf would have worked just as well. Thankfully you render like a mofo, so whether or not you feel this "big-titted" monster worked on any level, he certainly did.

Di (: said...

Yay a squishy monster :D

Munchanka said...

Can you go wrong with ANY kind of giant monster?