Sunday, August 01, 2010


PUG DAVIS is a comic by Rebecca Sugar. Look into it.

LOOKIT update: I have gotten TONS of orders for LOOKIT sketchbooks w/ sketches. I'll do my best to get them sent out as quickly as possible. I appreciate your patience, and thanks for your support, guys.


j_ay said...

Paranoid of a sellout I can’t waits me no mo’!
So I ordered 3 copies, which you can ship together, which will cover International rates.
(The Flowering Nose scatched-book will go to Seth Fisher’s mom, widow, and son), the other two will be mine, mine, mine!

Jaret K said...

Great seeing you at SDCC. Just wanted to let you know yorur work is great. I'm especially a fan of Destroyer.
Thanks for keeping up the blog.

rico said...

wow, she can draw like a sumbitch!

Chris said...

Will you draw Jason for Friday?

damon said...


Anonymous said...

I lost the copy you gave me in San Diego. : (