Thursday, May 19, 2011


art / cover CORY WALKER
32 PAGES / FC / T
In this special two-issue story-arc: Invincible’s mother and father return to the planet Talescria in the aftermath of The Viltrumite War! Omni-Man and Young Omni-Man reunite and fight space crime together! All the while, a new threat is emerging... one that could bring an end to all life on Earth!

THAT'S RIGHT, YOU GUYS. I'm doing another two issue fill-in on Invincible this year.

Sorry, everyone. You'll have your Ryan Ottley back after two months, and he'll be better than ever.


Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

Your drawings are so appealing to me.
Beautiful stuff!

JA said...


kris anka said...


Jesse Hamm said...

Sweet! Can't wait.

Andy said...

Today is a good day.

Enrique Rivera said...

I am giggling with excitement, cant wait dude!

j_ay said...

hell yeah!

Jani Gusevski said...

Science Dog this week, and now Invicible?! SHIT SON. "Well we're movin on uuuup, to the eastsiiiide, To a deeeeluxe apartment in the skyyyyhiiii."

Richard said...

If this continues annually, it'll be a little like the time when Paul Smith was the alternate fill-in artist for Baron & Rude's Nexus.

Definitely a win-win for us fans!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait, will be sitting on my hands in excitement

BTW, is that the dude from your April 18th post in the lower right hand corner?

Jan said...

so fluid and smooth inking! SD2 was a pleasure to read! what tools do you use?

cory j walker said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm glad you're all into it. :)

Gabriele- Thank you so much. I love your work.

Anonymous- Lil bit, yeah. :)

Jan- Thanks. For the most part I just use microns and Faber-Castell PITT pens. I use kuretake brush pens here and there, as well.

Again, thanks, everyone.

Ryan Cody said...

Oh hells yes.

dusty abell said...

Anticipation level.................HIGH!

Pat Bollin said...

Your command of line variation is insane. Very satisfying to look at.

maxime said...

just read your invincible issue.
it looks awesome, loved all the weird looking alien, the sex'n fun scenes and i can't wait for nolan vs allen in next issue.
thanks for an amazingly good looking book