Tuesday, September 06, 2011


I dunno.

I'm just trying to solve the shorts problem, not reinvent the wheel. I'm still not sure whether it looks better to keep that other section of yellow going around the back of the waist, but I decided to keep it for now.

A few extraneous lines on the boots aren't hurting anything. Shut up.


One thing I feel like I may toy with is bringing the upper red bits closer to the center and maybe even converging at a point above the "buckle" on the belt.

I say "i dunno" a lot.

Thanks again for looking/commenting, you guys.


Anonymous said...

i think this one is pretty good.

Avi said...

I like it, the top of the boot echoing the bottom of the red Kryptonian Cummerbund pulls it together really well. I feel like the sleeve could use that too, maybe extend it over the top of the hand with the same shape (but keep it in blue)? The lines on the boots help to establish them as boots rather than socks or stockings, so I think they're keen.

Ricardo Baptista said...

Maybe if you make the belt larger and incorporate the red in it.

cory j walker said...


Avi- I think that's a good point about the sleeves. I'll likely make it subtle, though, and not as deep as the boots. Just a slight extended bit, I think.

Ricardo- I think that's where I would start getting into some choppy waters. I've gotta keep it clean enough that it's not any more busy than the rest of the costume, y'know? I think I'm kinda straddling that line as it is.

Thanks for you comments, guys!

Avi said...

What about removing the yellow oval on the belt? It would simplify it and open up a little more red. Since it's not acting as a belt for the shorts you can go away from having it connect across his midsection. I gotta say, seeing you tackle the Superman design has been a REAL geek thrill for me.

Dylanio21 said...

Bring the side bits up higher above the belt and maybe the middle bit lower?
I love these.

KajusX said...

I say just throw the shorts back on him, and add an extra pair to put on his head.

In all seriousness though, the shorts conundrum bothers me very much. It's about color-distribution, not about 'underwear outside the pants.' Technically, Supes could be wearing a pair of super-tights with a color design that looks like a pair of shorts over top, but it's all just one article of clothing. Would he technically be wearing underwear outside his tights then? Absolutely not.

Gymnasts and ice skaters wear singlets and whatever else with different colors and designs all over them, some even flesh-colored to mimic exposed skin.

I don't know if I'm making any points at all here. As far as your design as well as the previous one, when i look at them I just think about how good it would look if the red was stretched down to wrap around his legs mid-thigh.

AND, if DC wants to give him a onesie from head to toe, then they need to ditch any sort of proper belt B.S. as well as all that armor, and focus on onesie designs that have full range to just run up and down the body, not limited by waist-, glove-, and bootlines, Eradicator-style.

Daniel Heard said...

Well I solved the problem once before(and not to make this about me, cause I love what you are doin) by giving him a red/yellow weightlifting belt.


It's way too bulky for your design, but the silhouette shapes might work some.

Of course a thick red belt with a yellow buckle could also work

Anonymous said...

Well i think it's pretty amazing!

Jesse Hamm said...

Any time I see red below his belt like that, it reads as his shorts to me. So in these last two designs, it looks like Supes is falling out the bottom of his shorts.

I think any design that uses all three primary colors is going to look kind of garrish, and any Superman design will need all three primary colors to look "Superman," so we probably just have to accept the fact that Supes is going look garrish, and embrace the shorts.

Maybe the key here is less about the shapes and more about the tint? You did some really sweet things with the tints of the colors on Supergirl.

Ooh, I just watched "Paul" on DVD, and I saw your name in the "Thank You" credits. Coolness!

joe bucco said...


I like this update. As an artist myself, I like how you add details while keeping things simple. using this design in real life, I could see the top(which would include the red and yellow "belt" area)as a separate piece from the pants. Not that it's a jacket, but it would move and feel separate.

Jesse Hamm said...

Forgot to add that I love these drawings. *save!*

And I just now saw Superman's official new costume. Yikes. He looks kind of naked. It's like when Mrs. Brisby took off her cloak in The Secret of NIMH, and you couldn't see her privates or anything, but it was still like,"Wow... she's naked."

Paul Salvi said...

This is not specifically a criticism of this design, but the whole pop-cultural trend of trying to "realify" superheroes:

You get to a point where trying to make something look not-silly looks even more silly. Adam West seems less ridiculous than Christian Bale to me, because West looked like Batman and could actually walk, whereas Christian Bale has to lumber around like a bomb squad tech.

It's the same with Superman, and it's even less necessary -- you could make a case that the guy is actually intentionally trying to look ridiculous, because he wants to put people at ease. He wants people to slot in the same mental place as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, and not focus on the fact that he can rip them in half and burn their entrails with his eyes. And yes, shorts-less Superman does look naked, the Zack Snyder suit especially. It actually draws more attention to the suit's odd qualities, because you look at it closer and judge it more harshly, whereas when you see a well-realized and faithful Superman outfit like what Chris Reeve or the TV Superboys wore, it just registers as Superman and you see the character more than suit.

Paul Salvi said...

I think what I was trying to say is I would love this drawing more if it had stupid undies.

Ricardo Baptista said...

Thank you for answering and I see your point. I'm actually fond of the original costume but understand why it needed an update. On the other hand, I don't think it was the biggest problem with the more recent representation of the character.

Oscar Padilla said...

I think this came out great! I've always disliked the underwear design, but you've managed to handle it well. The small additions to the boots help out a lot as well. I agree that the sleeves are looking a little plain compared to the rest of the outfit.