Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hey, gang. Those of you who are familiar with it may have noticed that I've joined the AMAZING group of artists at the WhatNot blog. I know I said I'd never join an online artist collective or whatever, because I wouldn't want to be the weakest link in the group, and also wouldn't want to be in a group with people even shittier than I am, but there's a good reason for joining the WhatNot gang. Being the weakest link is an important job. It's a necessary role to draw focus to how super-fantastic those folks are by providing mediocre artwork to contrast the brilliant efforts put forth by the other new and existing members. If all they had was top-notch talent, you wouldn't appreciate the work being displayed. This way, though, you get a firm reminder that not all "art" is amazing, and you'll appreciate the work they do that much more. Totally makes sense.

I finally serve a purpose in this crazy world. Feels good, man.

Anyway, my first submission for last week's theme of "favorite comic book artist" can be seen here. It's okay, I guess, even if it's not a very good likeness. I kinda prefer my original, unreferenced sketch, though it was done before I had that idea for the hat. Whatever. Check it out.

Here's a bonus sketch of one of my other favorite comic artists, Newt Beauregard.

Lastly, I am still chipping away at LOOKIT orders. I sent a few off yesterday, and hope to have this whole ordeal wrapped up in the next few weeks. I am truly sorry for the wait you all have had to endure. I love you.

Thanks for looking.