Monday, July 02, 2012

Oh, yeah. I have a blog.

What's up, you guys?  I forgot to make any posts when Invincible #92 was coming out because I am not a smart person, but hey, Invincible #93 comes out this week, so I have a chance to redeem myself! CBR has a preview here which is made up of the entirety of my contribution to the issue, but you should still buy it the book, because Ryan's pages are where the the magic happens.

Next issue, I've got 8 pages!  See you then. Love you! Miss you!


Neil said...

dayum your lines are strong. I guess I forgot because you UPLOAD NEVER (pot calling the kettle black)

Van, the Quish said...

Can't wait to see the new issues! Gonna be awesome!

Craig Zablo said...

Welcome back, sir!

Robs Moura said...

It's really awesome see your contribution to invincible's character! Really well done! Congrats, man.

Tight-Pants Jack said...

I want to see Robot make out with 12 year-old Monster Girl. Can you make that happen?

cory j walker said...

Thanks, guys! Hope you liked the issue.

Jack- I'm sure you are now on several government watch-lists. But, even when she's 12, she's really in her twenties, so I don't know how that works.

Trinity Crofts said...

Hey Cory, amazing work as always! Awesome job on Invincible and I loved Science Dog, that was some cool stuff, man!!
I think your drawings are so damn good, I really hope to get to work with you some day.
I'm a beginning comics writer, so I was hoping to ask you about your page rates and whatnot, since I'm looking for artists to work with. If you'd be up for it. I'm mostly wondering what's reasonable for a collaboration.
Thanks for your time,