Monday, September 17, 2012

good news/bad news

The good news is that Invincible #95 will be out soon, either this Wednesday or next.  The bad news is that most Invincible fans should just start looking forward to Invincible #96 now, because this issue is 80% Cory Walker and only 20% Ryan Ottley.  Sorry to bum you out like that.  Here's a preview.

colors by John Rauch

Issue 96 will feature a reversal of that percentage, subjecting you to only 4 pages of Cory Walker sad times.  Something to look forward to.



Craig Zablo said...

Hey Cory,

Great to see you posting again. Are you still working your way through the sketchbook sketches?



cory j walker said...

I am, yes. Sorry it's been such a long time coming, but you will have it soon, with a special gift and an Invinci-girl print. I know it doesn't make up for the 2+ year wait, but it's something. Sorry.

j_ay said...

80% CW! Niiiiiiiiice!

Ryan Ottley said...

So pretty. I wish the book was 100% CW all the time, but Ryan Ottley got the credit.


R.V.C. said...

Just wanted to say that #95 was incredible in so many ways. Invincible may be the best superhero comic book in the universe, but after that issue it the best comic book series in the universe (for me at least).


And weirdly, I have been enjoying waiting the arrival of your sketchbook.

So no NYC Comic Con for you, huh?

₪ ∆ R ! ∂ ∑ § ₪ said...

Hey Cory! Don't put yourself down like that!

Ryan Ottley is great, but your artwork is genius!

Keep the awesome work man! I'm a big fan!

aris said...

The issue was awesome. I really love your designs. And obviously your style. Great stuff!!!