Friday, November 16, 2012

surprising no one...


Didn't QUITE make it, you guys, BUT, I've got a fat stack to send out on Monday so that's pretty cool.  Even cooler, though, is the fact that the number of remaining orders to be filled can be counted on my fingers.  That would be even better news if I didn't have all of my fingers, but sadly, I do.  Sorry.

The above sketch is a one of the bonuses that I've been throwing in with the outstanding orders in an attempt to ease the blow a bit.  Since I won't be printing those things I figured it wouldn't hurt to share one here on the ol' scatchblag.  It's Goon from the comic The Goon in which he is the main character.  Is that the sun, the moon, or maybe just a ball gonna bop 'im on the bonce? Choose your own adventure.  See you later.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

LOOKIT (sigh)


Well, it's taken long enough, but we're nearly at the finish line, can see the light at the end of the tunnel, etc.  I've got a cover to do while I'm finishing up, but I am determined to have this badness behind me and have the last handful of LOOKITs sent out by next Friday, the 16th of Nov.

I'mma keep you sweethearts posted over these next 10 days as best I can, starting with these poopoo caca sketchie-babies here which were thumbnail whatevers for a few LOOKIT sketches I finished recently.  Dunno how many of these things I'll post because I want the collected sketchbook of these things to be as fresh as possible to you guys, but I'll have SOMETHING to offer with each update, so there's that.

You guys are cool.  Thanks for looking.