Friday, August 23, 2013


I just realized that I never posted this here.  You see, there's this thing called tumblr and I got a tumblr so I've been on tumblr lately.  You can find tumblr at and you can find my tumblr at, Sherlock.

N E WAYZ, this is what I had to say about this Supermin on the tombles:

For the record, I’m 100% pro-shorts, but if you’re going to take them away, you have to replace them with something that’s going to serve the same purpose of breaking up all that blue.
Fat belts you guys

...and there you have it, everyone! Fat belts!  Get on it.



Jon Westwood said...

Fat belts.

George Rand said...

I don’t know if just anyone can rock the fat belt, but I’m totally on board with the suit needing that red.

Anonymous said...

I don't know on calling it a "fat belt" but maybe a back support as the costume is now a battle garb made to help protect him and enhance his abilities. Could look more like a space-age weightlifters belt.

P.S. the red "wristlets" have got to go. I do like the MoS movie version of the family crest as it looks more alien/symbiotic.

Anonymous said...

Just felt on your gallerie by luck. I am glad to find someone who's also 100% for the shorts.And even better, someone who actually THINKS when redesigning Supes. Fat belt actually IS the solution... for those who have a problem withthe shorts, obviously. I'm not fond of the gauntlets since it reminds me of Ultraman, but your idea is as neat as your design is great. Excellent stuff!


cory j walker said...

Thanks for looking and commenting, everyone!


George- Yeah, I guess that's true, but really, it's just Superman and Batman that apparently need a solution to "the shorts problem," right?

Jeff Adams said...

It's too bad that DC didn't go this way with their New 52 redesigns. You've modernized him without losing Supes essence. Well done!