Friday, January 10, 2014


Batman Beyond isn't the name of a character you stupids

love u

Oh yeah, I remember what I wanted to say.  It probably wouldn't surprise you if I told you that I love the shit out of striking, simple costumes and this one is one of the best I love the shit out of it.


def_sanchez said...

I Refer to him as Batman Beyond all the time how wrong I have been. you have made me seen the error of my way's, thank you. But for real's that's is a wicked Batman. Have you been doing most of you'r daily sketch's digitally?

cory j walker said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the words "Batman Beyond" are not uttered a single time in the entire cartoon. He's just batman.

I have been doing ALL of them digitally.

Thanks for looking!

Tight-Pants Jack said...

I really, really like this. It should be in a frame. In my house.

Ron Salas said...

Love this so much.