Sunday, January 26, 2014


Anything I type here is overshadowed by how fucking awesome this drawing is


AviB said... the cross-hatching isn't a part of the costume design? Congrats on having feet, Bloodwulf. The size of the handcannon is perfection.

Ryan Cody said...

Sorry Cory, this was too epic to not have me mess it it up by putting some quick colors on it -

Christopher Alvarez said...

Love the way you draw Liefeld/Extreme characters. Even the Kid Supreme was perfect.

Love to see what you can do with Supreme or even Suprema.

By the way, I bought your sketch book a while back. Wondering if you'll do another any time soon.

Rian said...

Eh...the gun's a bit small.

Seriously though, didn't his gun double as a space motorcycle that he'd ride around on?

cory j walker said...

Hey guys thanks for looking!

Ryan- Awesome!

Christopher- Thanks! I will, actually! It's a little premature to say too much, but I will have a new sketchbook available soon

Rian- Ugh, really? I'm getting an "eh" from you? "His gun" like he only ever used one gun. Google Bloodwulf, you'll see the Liefeld piece that made me want to draw this.

I always thought of it as his motorcycle that doubled as a gun ;0

Shut up, there's a difference.

Rian said...

I was just Joshin' you about the gun, but I think you knew that. 'Cause really, a gun that's also a space cycle? How do you come up with that?

j_ay said...