Monday, January 27, 2014


So, I feel like I need to make something clear to you guys.  If you think I'm mocking Rob Liefeld when I draw these characters, you're mistaken.  This shit is awesome, and I have a blast drawing this stuff for my sketch blog.  The Bloodwulf from yesterday was inspired by a Bloodwulf piece that I saw and I was all liek oh jesus christ that's awesome I have to draw Bloodwulf now.  

These posts are not an ivitation to mock Rob.  I think that's a horse that has been beaten WELL past death.  

Try to enjoy more things.

I ain't mad or anything and I love you all, it just needed to be said.


AviB said...

Man, now you made me feel bad about my Bloodwulf comments. I will say that RL's contributions to the Marvel pantheon have been undeniably long-lived and his impact on comics in general was a positive one. Sorry for the snark, internet.

cory j walker said...

Don't sweat it, Avi. Like I said, I ain't mad, I just wanted to make it clear that these things are being drawn for the joy of it.

Stephen Gomez said...

I've always thought that Liefeld's talent primarily lied in character design and not illustration. He's created some very iconic characters throughout his history. I think Blood wolf is awesome too.